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It's #4 / Cat Alley


The debut collection by ROMANCE WAS BORN Spring/Summer 05/06 Cat Alley establishes the blueprint of what’s to come for the label. Here we see their vision at it’s purest as they experiment with fragile proportion, draping and ruching florid silks into skirts or dramatic kimono jackets embellished with pom-pom lapels. There is plenty of jewelled decoration too, as seen on an evening dress with intricate hand beaded detailing. Tropicana lovebirds nuzzle each other across the crotched bust of a dress then tumble brightly into a skirt of fringed crotched plumage. The cartoonish “Karen O” red top with tulle bursts is all googly-eye detail while the simplicity of the draped rainbow pastel dress is elegance at it’s finest. Much of this collection was rifled through, collected, and also shot in editorial campaigns by Australia’s leading publications.