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Weird Science

Spring Summer 2007

From Romance Was Born’s most unholy, but jovial laboratory, comes a collection tinged with the mutant creations of a genius caught in the throes of an intensely elemental madness (or perhaps someone who has watched too much Captain Planet?) Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Heart are the distinct stories that make the collection come to life. Fire came from the concept of The Big Bang… Air makes us think of space, sparkles and birdies… Water means mermaids, turtles and scary sharks… Earth was influenced by bunnies ‘n’ bunyips and Mother Earth... Heart was inspired by love’s soldiers, brides and grooms. Underpinned by all the moral and scientific lessons gleaned from a viewing of John Hughes’ Weird Science, their vision blends stitches and threads with hologram fabrics, patch work Frankenstein faces leering out from a torso of a garment and truly inspired prints contributed from their third season collaborator artist Del Kathryn Barton.