The Golden Promise

Romance Was Born share an intimate collection, fuelled by memories of holidays past and the potential joy of summers yet to shine. They blur the line between nostalgic experiences and the eternal hope of happy future times with The Golden Promise SS20. This is a collection of light breezy soft shapes that float and skim the wearer with effortless ease.

Partnering on The Golden Promise with artist Samuel Hodge, Romance Was Born strike up an easy-going creative dialogue built upon a history of experience and friendship. Samuel Hodge has interpreted many collections for Romance Was Born, shooting their collections in a light that takes their original showy vision and places it in more humble everyday contexts allowing these extravert garments new places to inhabit. The result elevates and heightens their glamour and gives them a more esoteric and genuine subtext. Hodge’s art is personal, an intimate expression of his moods and feelings, there is an undercurrent of easy wit and humour in his work, so even melancholy moments have a light tenderness to them. His work is a collection of archives perpetually in flux, it resists understanding but gives hints to create desirous encounters. A never-ending story inspired by junk stores, dating websites, a lonely sunny winter stroll in Paris, a chance encounter with a pop star, failed/successful romance, beautiful memories and so much more.

Worlds collide in The Golden Promise with an enjoyably ambiguous push and pull between abstraction and figuration, memories and the future. Romance Was Born use Hodge’s works as colourful printed swathes with the likes of; the lush evergreen floral beauty of Lacy Gardens, the endless crisp blue skies of Petit Palais with their European statues and ornate fountain glimpses, the seductive fleshy pink and purple hues of Montmartre Flowers, or the allure and old-world theatrical glitz of Paris Vegas with its stunning chandeliers and frescos. Alternatively, Hodge’s work is cast simply as striking placements on box- fresh white or grey marled Art Poster tees or as bold statements on crisp white shirting as a series of Art Poster dresses featuring the likes of; Burnt Flower, Gold Coast Storm or the Cats Head Kaftans, starring a portrait of a long-lost friend.

Romance Was Born interpret Hodge’s emotive works with sensitivity, a touch of humour and they emulate that same dreamy feeling his work evokes by creating gentle shapes and silhouettes that billow, ruffle and flow. The Golden Promise is all about feeling, lost love, flowing with the change and blissing out on not having answers.