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Yeti Magic

Autumn Winter 2009

Like the rare spectacle and dazzling light show of the aurora borealis Romance Was Born bring you Yeti Magic, the 2009 Autumn Winter collection that won them the prestigious Woolmark Designer Award. A range inspired by folklore and the belief in a shy magical being, the Yeti. With their signature hand detailed garments the mysterious Yeti’s visage takes shape in the form of the soft wool crotched Yeti Singlet. The extreme dip-dyed fringing on the Snowflake poncho and fringed leggings give the collection a tribal edge. While the innocence of the winged velvet Snow Angel dress is more refined with it’s pleated dupon silk detail at the back which is echoed across the shape of the folded fan like collar of the Corporate Yeti Shirt and woolen suiting of the peplum silhouetted Corporate Yeti Skirt.