Romance Was Born ponder paisley; the free-spirited teardrop shaped motif, an ornate symbol of life and eternity hailing from looms in ancient Persia and India. This season they follow paisley’s journey throughout history from its artistic popularity with the Pre-Raphaelite and the Arts and Crafts movements where paisley was revered as a mark of exotic glamour and sophistication. Through to its everyday use during the 60’s where paisley adorned rock stars, free love hippies and glamourous Pucci draped ladies, blending eastern symbology with artsy bohemian sensibility to perfection. With Paisley Park, Romance Was Born have once more been permitted access to Jenny Kee’s archive, transforming her originals into prints worthy of being worn to a coming of age sweet sixteen party that parents later turn into a suburban key party with the neighbours. Borrowing the name Paisley Park from Prince, complete paisley immersion is what this collection is all about; vibrant, intricate, blown out, spiritual - paisley

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