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Disney collab with images captured by ted min
9th August 2021

photo by ted min

dreams are made of disney!

fantasia, cruella, cinderella, we all have a favourite disney tale spun from magic. our latest disney pieces shine in photos taken by ted min in melbourne starring a fabulous group of bright young things. explore all the RWB x disney looks styled together with flowers by ……

in keeping with the theme, we asked each of our starlets who their favourite disney characters are? 

Ebony Berry

My favourite disney character would have to be the chernabog, from the night on bald mountain segment in fantasia. we’d often have to skip over the scene when I was young because of how scared I used to get! however, as i’ve grown up, it has become a piece of art I find truly beautiful. the concept design was done by my favourite illustrator- kay nielsen. nielsen and the team of artists who actualised the chernabog did such an incredible job of embodying a pure form of evil - it’s no wonder i was afraid. these days, i have a deep appreciation for the beauty of such a powerful character. 

ebony wears the fairy godmother gown

ebony wears the fantasia oversized shirt dress

ebony wears the cruella sequin drape dress

Brendon Mayanja

Ummm I’d have to go with Cruella, despite being a villain I admire her confidence and resilience, plus her outfits were so cute! Despite the whole animal thing, but you get my point.

Brendon wears the cruella crochet dress

Brendon wears the cinderella party dress and cinderella party skirt

Brendon wears the fantasia placement print tee

Dechen Grenfell 

my favourite disney character is mushu from mulan! he was always mischievous and caused the most chaos, despite being the size of a lizard :))

dechen wears the embroidered floral linen shirt dress

dechen wears the cruella trench coat

Yipeng Xu

I would say my favourite Disney character is Moana! I just absolutely love the movie and the soundtrack! She standing up for herself and she can achieve anything when she put her mind to it. She is independent, strong and smart.

yipeng wears the splice floral tee - black/ multi

yipeng wears the cinderella princess dress

Tian Yang

My favourite Disney character is Mulan, because Mulan was the first Disney animation I watched when I was a child. I grew up and I realize that Mulan as a girl in feudal society, she broke a lot of shackles and let us know women can also be very powerful and full of courage, become the person you want to be, be you own prince and be you own hero. At the same time, as an Asian, I am also feel very happy and proud that Mulan can be a part of Disney and let the world hear the story and voices from Asian!

tian wears the fantasia silk shift dress

tian wears the floral garden print gown

Ahhh, Walt would be proud! 

Shoot Credits

Photography- Ted Min

Photo Assistant- Trudi Treble Styling- Joseph Leone

Styling Assistant- Spencer Grace

Hair and make up- Xeneb Allen  

and thank you to all our talent x

Ebony Berry

Dechen Grenfell 

Brendon Mayanja

Tian Yang 

Yipeng Xu 

© Disney 2021

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