featured artist/ Carla Uriarte

interview and filming by motel picture company
23 november 2020

enter the freaky styley world of carla uriarte

Carla is a good vibe artist, stream-of-consciousness tripper and warrior for love - Right on sister! We love her optimism and downright cool art.

Lukey says, “Carla has a really peaceful positive chilled vibe that I wanted to see translated into clothing.” This upbeat collaboration is just what the season calls for...

Watch the video to hear Carla’s poetry, thoughts on the RWB collaboration, creativity and life in general. Stay freaky!

interview with carla uriarte filmed and produced by motel picture company

carla in her natural habitat, photos by kitty callaghan

i am a freak of nature, 2020

carla wears the freaky animal print dress

emotional cool babe, 2019

warrior for love, 2018

Carla wears the 'stay freaky apron' at cafe fredas

sun rising in the animal kingdom, 2020

when it comes from love it's a high vibration, 2020

carla wears the 'feeling of harmony tee' and 'strawberry eyes skirt'

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