featured artist/ samuel hodge

interview and filming by Motel Picture Company
14 July 2020

a romance story with Samuel Hodge 

Longterm friend and official photographer for the 2018 Step Into Paradise show in Paris. Romance Was Born often ask artist Samuel Hodge to interpret and document their pieces with his easygoing wit and keen eye, most recently meshing their aesthetic to produce The Golden Promise. We caught up with Samuel to hear his thoughts post the RWB collaboration and after the opening of his show The Wit of the Staircase at UNSW GALLERIES.

interview with samuel hodge filmed and produced by motel picture company

The Wit of the Staircase- UNSW March 2020

Detail- The Wit of the Staircase, 2020

The Wit of the Staircase #5, 2020

Steve Lacy for Fantastic Man, 2018

Paris Flowers, 2018

The Golden Promise, 2019

Cat Head, 2007

Lil the Stand In, 2011

The Golden Promise #7, 2016

I Hadn't Seen Snow in So Long, 2010

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featured artist: samuel hodge