guest edit w/ chloe hayden

q&a with chloe hayden images captured by aiden ouma
10 december 2023 

our new favourite RWB girl is the effervescent golden girl chloe hayden, who stars in our latest rwb edit. chloe has a true spirit of dressing with her personal style personifying what we love about fashion- having fun and looking fabulous!!!

we asked chloe some questions about life, fashion, and most importantly being a bad ass activist, check out our latest rwb story.

photographed at the powerhouse museum by aidan ouma.

chloe hayden photographed by aiden ouma

chloe wearing our rwb forever blue heart dress

firstly let’s talk heart Break High, it’s something we both grew up watching and really impacted how I imagined being in the world as a teenager. You are such a positive role model, how does it feel knowing that you can impact future generations?

The main reason I do what I do is because I refuse to let other young people grow up feeling like they aren’t supposed to be here; the same way that I did. Being able to put that message into practice with a character like Quinni, and through my own advocacy work, has been so healing, and so exciting, and so wonderful. We’re changing the narrative, and ensuring voices can be heard. And that’s a really wonderful thing to be a part of.

chloe wears our rainbow posy cotton dress

You are also a fierce activist, with autistim being your main advocacies. You have really broken down the barriers of mainstream media, is there something else you would love society to understand better? What’s next!!!

We still have a long, long way to go before autism and other disabilities are actually understood and destigmastised; I believe it will be my life mission to continue this conversation and continue to break down those barriers, so that hopefully by the time my children, or my grand children are around, the idea of disability is as comfortable to talk about and as understood as a different eye or hair colour. We are seeing progress, but it is no where near finished. 

We really love animals, and as a vegan we are guessing you do too!!! What is you favourite animal, and why? 

Horses, dolphins and sharks! When I was a baby, my family would say that I was a dolphin in my past life. I made dolphin noises, and ONLY slept when my parents played whale and dolphin sounds! Horses have long been my safe space, when I was at my worst and absolutely terrified of the world, I knew I had a sanctity in my horses. They don’t judge, they don’t lie, they don’t expect anything other than for you to come as yourself. without a doubt, my horses saved my life.

chloe wears our rwb forever vintage cotton floral set

And if you could be any animal, what would it be? 

A dolphin! Or one of the new species of bacteria they found on the Titanic. No thoughts. Just hanging out with Titanic. Dream life.

And guess we should ask you something about fashion!!! How do you feel your personality is reflected through your fashion style?

I love using style to reflect my personality and my interests. My wardrobe is filled with colours and every item of clothing I can possibly find that has pictures of my special interests on it; the amount of shark, dinosaur and frog clothing I own is worthy of a Ripley's Believe It Or Not article, I reckon. I’ve never been one for trends, the ‘right’ silhouettes, or what ‘does and doesn’t go together’. I wear what makes me feel like the most true version of myself.  

chloe sports the disco dolly fringe dress

You look so amazing in all our pieces, on the red carpet and in real life!!! Was there any piece in particular you loved wearing from the shoot?

How could I choose!? The head pieces were INCREDIBLE, and that bridal mini dress? Impeccable.

thank you chloe, you are such an inspiration for so many people, keep up the epic work!!!

special thanks to aidan ouma for capturing chloe so beautifully, and also Silvia Berecka for magical make up and lastly LMS for the shoes.

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