guest edit w/ phoebe hyles

q&a with photos captured by Rémi Jones
17 september 2020

phoebe hyles w/ our petal bloom crystal and pearl earrings

Phoebe Hyles or Mademoiselle Perfect was lovingly nicknamed by Anna and Luke, in part because they instantly admired how she styled her très chic Darlinghurst digs. They were mostly wowed by her clever eye for finding beautiful things. They love her humble attitude and the way she pulls her looks together so effortlessly - head to toe.

A talented accessory and jewellery designer, Phoebe has provided accessories for previous collections, heading to Paris with RWB to assist with the Step Into Paradise presentation. Right now we can’t get enough of her Kindness Drop Earrings. Phoebe is modelling the new Petal Bloom silks with some other RWB staples paired with her latest series of gold drop earrings. Shot at home by Rémi Jones, we took a moment to find out more about Phoebe’s inspiration and style secrets...

phoebe in our petal bloom long sleeve tier dress

You’ve been working with RWB for a while on various collections. What’s it like to collaborate with RWB and to see your creations working with their garments? (And do you have any favourite looks?)

Each and every Romance Was Born look sweeps me off my feet and gives me the rush of first love every. single. time! Collaborating with RWB is a creative dream come true. Their ideas and inspiration are all encompassing and come with such vision and passion. Luke and Anna have the ability to integrate the artistic with the historical and a sense of imagination and freedom to create a wild colourful utopia.

Its hard to pick an all time favourite look! There have been so many special moments. I have a whole box full of polaroids, show invitations and bits and pieces from over the years. The Cooee Couture show at the AGNSW was so special with the breathtaking fabrics handmade by Linda Jackson. Opal Goddess at Restaurant Hubert was pure unbridled joy with the models skipping and sashaying through the tables. Paris! Omg! Pure magic!! Paris left me speechless. We stayed up late putting the finishing touches on each of the outfits in an apartment that had a view to the Sacre Couer on one side and the Eiffel tower on other side. Each piece told a different story of Australian style and the natural landscape; the beautiful patchwork, the cockatoo bride closing the show, the iconic knitwear; every looks was so dreamy.

phoebe in our petal blooms bias skirt

What inspires you? What’s the inspiration behind these current gorgeous drop earrings?

I love working with found materials and re-working vintage components so a lot of the time pieces come together through chance and happenstance. I love big statement pieces and lots of pearls, anything that is hyper posh and a bit outrageous.  We visited Versailles together whilst we were in Paris and I often think of the opulence and gold of Versailles but then I also think of the unforgiving but beautiful Australian landscape and our unique plants and animals and try and combine the two worlds. These earrings combine opulence and eeriness with the different shaped pearls and  textured metal surfaces.

How do you define the perfect style?

I think the perfect style is perfectly you whatever that happens to be. I think the only time style is not perfect is if it isn’t authentic. For me, I feel most at home in some daytime diamontes, a matching suit and some big earrings. Good style starts with a good attitude, be kind to the world and to each other. Mother nature has the perfect style. Sometimes I’ll look at a flower or some beautiful clouds at sunset  or the sun sparkling on the ocean and want to cry because of the colours or the shapes of the petals. Style is everywhere and in everything, it’s a lifetime commitment to engaging with the world with an open heart and mind.

phoebe hyles in our petal blooms collar tee dress

Do you have any tips to encourage us to accessorise everyday?

For me getting dressed each day is a moment to reflect and to be re-inspired by the things I have collected over the years. In any given moment life can be as beautiful as it is tragic, the worst can happen at the best of times. I like adding accessories as little amulets each day to remind myself of where I have been and where I am going. I love an emotional response to accessories so I pick from instinct and feelings and go with that. The fun thing about accessories is that you can take them as far as you want to, you can make an exaggerated look or highlight just an aspect of your look or connect to a personal memory. In short the secret is to have fun! (But to think about everything deeply!)


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