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Aura Aurora

Collection 2 2017

‘She walks in beauty, like the night’: the dress that inspired Lord Byron’s famous poem in 1813 was black and spangled. Two hundred years later,Romance Was Born brings beauty exploding out of the nocturnal darkness with vivid luminous colour set against deepest black. Night becomes day as the sun rises, as Aurora heralds a glorious new day that dazzles with rippling ravishing colour.

Once again, Romance Was Born partners with celebrated Sydney-based artist Del Kathryn Barton — twice winner of the prestigious Archibald Prize for portraiture, painter of strangely lovely universes teeming with vibrant life and energy. Soulful women, eyes wide open and framed by their auras, are the resident spirits of her place of miraculous metamorphosis, where both vulnerability and strength are prized. From Barton’s teeming polymorphous vision comes the inspiration that Romance Was Born now expresses in garments that clothe us with this courage, endow us with their exquisite élan.

These clothes crackle with life. Crisp coloured chemical laces, stretch silk satins, printed knits, supple twills, sumptuous embroideries embellished with sequins and Swarovski crystals, cool black and white cottons and open starry lace: each specially selected element brings its own energy, demands its particular place as the body moves and turns within the embrace of the garments. Barton’s gorgeous imagery articulates vitality — wide-open blooms are radiant with the sheer joy of existence, myriad starry bodies emerge out of the endless night of the cosmos, sinuous snaking lines run across the surfaces of the garments to meet rainbow webs of lace that suggest the interconnectedness of all being. Romance Was Born honours this dazzling profusion with an extraordinary range of fabrics, set into unexpected juxtapositions: Aurora’s curving lights undulate in embroidered appliqué trails, next to multi-coloured chemical lace and digitally printed flowers that float freely on fine jersey dresses and tops. Dancing planets and orbiting asteroids whirl with pleats and flares, and layered ruffles spin away from the dresses into open space. Yet all is part of one fabulous whole. Everything is magically connected, everything pulsates with the same life.

AURA AURORA brings this otherworldly domain to the street and the office, to family gatherings and buzzing clubs, to every sort of special occasion, whether intimate or out there. Wear your aura with joy and pride, wear your courage on your sleeve, carry colour into every part of your life. Crystals and agate slices adorn these wearable auras; they say, ‘I am special, I am fearless’. And then there are the finely layered feathers, on shirting and poly twill skirts — wearing these you will fly away into that soft night air, airborne at last.

Out of the darkness comes the daily miracle of the dawning day: Aurora was the Roman goddess of the dawn. It is time to be clothed in her mantle and to look to the future. Romance Was Born proposes a world that dispels gloom,that defies darkness and death and despair. AURA AURORA is a collection made for this moment.

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