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Summer 2012

Behold, Marvel’s mighty heroes! Witness the birth of CMYK POWER! They Live! They Walk! They Conquer! Romance Was Born present - Berserkergang! A band of heroic brothers and sisters, lead by Doctor Strange an invincible Master of Mystic Arts; The Silver Surfer – Sky-Rider of the Spaceways and wielder of the “power cosmic”; The Incredible Hulk an uncontrollable monster and Thor - Thunder God of another realm, Asgard! Will our fearless heroes risk engaging in Berserkergang, a state of unbeatable warrior power to defeat the evil supremacy taking over the world? Can She-Hulk and The Dazzler join the team in time and help save the mutant sisterhood? Find out in the latest instalment of Romance Was Born’s fashion saga - Berserkergang!
Inspired by the almighty spectral power of colour, Romance Was Born is drawn to the pop appeal of Marvel Comics and their iconic Super Heroes. Attracted to the graphic artistry of Marvel’s creators, in particular the legendary Jack Kirby. Who’s unique rendering technique dubbed the term “Kirby dots,” which create that cinematic style of motion where his characters appear to leap, fly and battle across the page. An interest also sparked in the process of CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Key) printing which is used to produce these classic characters from the Marvel world. The CMYK printing technique of half toning and the pattern like dot work of applying colour is responsible for that instantly recognisable comic book style.