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Q&A with Grandiflora photos captured by Gary Heery 
5 June 2020

A fresh season is here... presenting our new collection Flowers In The Attic.

Inspired by flowers (of course!) and the joy of crafting, especially the quaint pastime of the Victorian era, the popular art of Scrapbooking.

To show off the first drop we asked the talented floral artists at Grandiflora to model the collection. Set perfectly amongst the glorious blooms in their Potts Point store - our colourful dainty florals were right at home.

The Grandiflora tribe model our sexy mesh bodysuit and leggings, the must have iridescent taffeta trench and a bell shaped midi skirt and dress. To finish, a range of quality linens in a relaxed short sleeve shirt and shorts are topped off with a slouchy bucket hat.

Spring is just around the corner!

While we had them, we asked them each for some floral inspiration by finding out what their favourite flowers are.

See below for their looks and answers...

Sunday Heery- White Proud Rose, I have always had an affinity for them and would love them at my wedding one day

Rudy Imron- Peonies because of their pronounced beauty and for the way they change shape and colour

Ginger Heery- Pink Floyd Rose because of their timeless beauty

Sinead Ambrose- A hard tie between Cymbidiums for their shape and colours and Violets for their fragrance

Nakita Dorward- Flowering Gum, In particular Princess Gum due to childhood memories and their vibrancy

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guest edit w/ grandiflora