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In Another Land

Collection 2 2018

Folksy femine hybrids morphed with cosmic disco divas born from an intergalactic mind.

Enter the private artistic world of Romance Was Born and Del Kathryn Barton. This season we are invited to enjoy their mutual love of fashion and art. Share in their joy of nature, magical myths and made up creatures, here we can explore the extreme beauty of their imagined worlds. This easy-going trust has formed a creative friendship that has evolved over time as they delve into each other’s craft and process.

Inside Another Land serves up jazzy fringe flicks, romantic soft focus frilly flourishes and dazzling sequin sequences. With styles that are a little bit of fun and self referencing, like the Katie Jones Comic Crochet print which is reminiscent of Romance Was Born’s infamous crochet couture dress. The regal decadence of their hand woven silk brocades is an accessible extravagance available in both rainbow sliced stripes and patch worked skirts and bomber jackets that can be paired for the occasional or pared back for the everyday. The fragile beauty of the Angel Dribble story in its pastel pink silks with drooling sequin fringes breathe the exquisite into any party. Softly, softly whispers the Xanadu Flower dress and blouse, fashioned from devore silk in gauzy chiffon with sateen florals and edged with dip-dyed fringing. This subtly is contrasted by the graphic drama of the sequined zigzag Shiny Planetary capsule with its structured asymmetrical edge.

Inside Another Land is an intricate cosmic tapestry woven from the imagined world of Romance Was Born where each colourful thread and every magical element and detail lends the other meaning. The garments are beautiful in isolation and simply breathtaking when worn in resonating combination as a whole.

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