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Mushroom Magic

Collection 3 2013

In a tale of magical metamorphosis Romance Was Born present… Mushroom Magic SUMMER ‘14.

At the stroke of midnight Romance Was Born invite you to follow them… Willingly and with gay abandon, you tumble headfirst, falling into a world that has turned quite topsy-turvy… like some psychedelic dream. With a puff and a poof, you land softly, cushioned by your frilly skirts and petit-coats. You have fallen into a Pip and Pop sparkling wonderland.

As the shimmery dust settles, you gaze across a luminescent landscape, where every horizon is crystal crusted and cloudy meringue hilltops sprout the most delicate sugary flowers, where mandala pathways lead into mystic forests. Cute creatures peep shyly out from behind spotted magic mushrooms that seem to beckon, “eat me.” Well, why not? Just one little bite, surely a nibble couldn’t hurt…

For Summer 2014 Romance Was Born unveil their incredible collection Mushroom Magic. The foundation of the collection begins as always for Romance Was Born, with the prints, and their collaboration with Tanya Schultz, the artist behind PIP and POP, provides endless inspiration for Mushroom Magic.

Schultz’s brightly coloured sugar and sand mandalas have a cosmic feel and the spirit of the late sixties and early seventies is evoked. This is referenced in the choice of silhouette; which features kaftan shapes, flares, soft silk chiffon gowns, adorable smocking, and flouncy pussy-bows, all capturing the style of the era.

Romance Was Born looked to the wonderful world of fairytales for the classic romantic spin on metamorphosis and transformation. Where, with a “bibbity bobbity boo” and the wave of a magic wand, a young maiden is transformed into a glamorous princess. The spectrum of princess femininity is explored through colour and fabrication. Mushroom Magic begins with crisp cottons in an innocent array of pastels, moving into silky neon brights before finishing with the more textured mood of the darkest obsidian jacquards. The full grandiose splendour of the collection is typified by Romance Was Born’s extravagant sequined and beaded details, in particular the Cheshire cat suit, which hypnotises with its multiple grins and starbursts.

Romance Was Born’s MUSHROOM MAGIC is the ultimate astral trip to a fairytale wonderworld that delights, fascinates and transforms.