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Renaissance Dinosaur

Spring Summer 2010

“it’s evolution baby”

Romance Was Born ponder the marvels of the Renaissance and its extravagant fashions while unearthing their paleontological fascination with the power and mystery of dinosaurs.

Long before Einstein’s theory of relativity, Galileo concluded from his meticulous charting of the night skies that the Earth orbits the Sun. His radical proclamation shakes the strict Papal States to their very core, for the church’s faith believes the Earth is the centre of the heavenly bodies. Galileo’s revelation triggers an all powerful, cosmic vibration, rupturing the delicate fabrics of time and space.

A kaleidoscopic crystal-lined portal cracks open linking the Jurassic period to Renaissance Florence, forming a pathway between their worlds. Now the sparkling gateway lies open in the Piazza dell Signoria. Dinosaurs stalk past Michelangelo’s statue of David making their way toward the Medici Palace… Enter Tyrannosaurus flanked by a Pterodactyl, followed by the sauntering armour clad Triceratops and Stegosaurus. Their shock arrival in the Medici court is met with terror and awe. The beauty of their sleek scales and glistening coloured skin holds the court mesmerised as they slash and claw at courtesans, dukes and wealthy merchants. Freeing the lower classes from the restrictions of sumptuary laws, the dinosaurs make a hasty retreat preferring the lush forests of their world to the paved streets of Florence.