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Sincerely Yours

Collection 2 2016

Romance Was Born present Sincerely Yours A tale of everlasting devotion and obsession – Las Vegas Cabaret, Commedia dell ‘Arte, Carnations and the art of Sarah Contos

Sincerely Yours is a carefree gesture of love and devotion from Romance Was Born to you, like ruby carnations cast upon the stage by an adoring audience as the fading piano Maestro takes his final bow. Indeed the inspiration for this collection originated from the glitz ‘n’ glamour and flashing neon lights of the famous Las Vegas cabaret circuit. Romance Was Born loves the idea of a flamboyant Maestro expressing his devotion and gratitude toward his fans after years of touring and dedicating his finale to them, Sincerely Yours. The Maestro is the extravagant figurehead of the collection for Spring 2016 and his ostentatious style pulses at its shiny glitzy heart. Sincerely Yours sees RWB collaborating with artist Sarah Contos both delight in the hand made and employ craft in their method often using intricate techniques of embroidery, beading, quilting and appliqué. RWB utilise her works of sculpture, painting, anthropological assemblage and installations which feature Contos’ own recurring visual lexicon of imagery; her enhanced statues with their painted faces or beaded eyes with jewels stuffed into gaping glittery mouths, pointed disco boots at the end of long silhouetted legs and the many poking, pinching, cupping satin gloved hands. There is theatrical beauty in disfigurement, for Contos makes the grotesque seem glamorous and the discarded desirable in this kinky undercurrent of strange erotic fragments. This season Romance Was Born are attracted not only to symbols of love and devotion provided by Contos but also the spoils of excess, from ornate debauchery to decrepit antiquity. One such fascination is the frippery and costume of the 17th Century Commedia dell ‘Arte troupes and their stock characters. In particular, the ragged laces and ruffled motley of the female clown and heroine Colombina, whose beauty and wit out shines the ribald buffoonery of the other characters. Disguise and desire is fundamental in creating the allure of this collection. In a way RWB have created their very own theatrical troupe clad in an attractive array of accordion like pleated metallic or monochromatic black and white stripes and spots or the graffiti like clash of the printed pop-culture pastiche. Who are these girls? One cannot be sure, but the result is an intriguing mix of recurrent themes carried throughout the collection. Motifs of musical notes, carnations, satin gloves, peek-a-boo eyes, parted lips, ropes, clowns, baroque brocades and crumbling classical sculptures. RWB offer you these, their tokens of love and devotion and sign it Sincerely Yours forever.

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