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The Oracle

Spring Summer 2011

Inspired by The Never Ending Story, eternity and the beauty and decadence of the 1920’s. For spring, Romance have chosen an elegant colour palette of navy, coral, turquoise, gold and black and white. Using the luxury of champagne chantilly lace, sheen and structure of dupion silk with glints of gold foiling. The past, the present and the future flow through the river of time, like an infinity symbol, never ending and each dependant on the other for its very existence. Something evil has disrupted the harmony and natural order of things and now the ancient long forgotten gods have stirred from their blissful eternity.

But, The Ancient One’s infinite power has faded like the memories of the mortals who once worshipped these divine beings and prayed in their crumbling lavish temples. So the plight of all our hopes and dreams rests upon the young warrior boy to save Fantasia. He must find the Oracle and help her to restore balance to the world and stop the Ancient One’s from being completely forgotten and slipping into the murky obscurity of the nothing.