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Whispering Angel

Collection 3 2016

Romance Was Born presents a heavenly host of angels sent on a wing and a prayer to deliver us a secret celestial correspondence from yesteryear. This precious message from the starlit heavens heralds the legacy left when our worshipped pop icons pass into the great hereafter. Romance Was Born studies the carefully contrived larger-than-life public personas of these incredible artists and the treasured secrets of their guarded private lives, examining what remains after our dearly beloveds leave this mortal coil. The collection reveres the many beautiful disguises adorned by the famous, for these constructed fantasies reveal something of their hidden selves and form our everlasting impression of these brilliant evanescent beings. The starlets of the silver screen, the bygone era of elegance, the late great king of the ivories. Romance Was Born take their cue from his over the top opulent lifestyle and lavish costumes, all rhinestone encrusted and festooned with feathers encapsulating the inspiration that shapes the season. These ethereal emissaries float in on glittery gossamer wings whispering untold secrets of the seraphim. With Romance Was Born, the angels have shared their clandestine blessings from all nine orders of the ancient angelic hierarchy, creating the newest order – that of the Disco Angels. This new order is composed of three categories, Rococo Bird, King Neptune and Mr. Showmanship. The order of the Disco Angels is resplendent in the full wonder of their heavenly origins. Romance Was Born has chosen the finest gauze like silken laces, which are simply turned into a dress with grosgrain band details or extravagantly hand beaded or feature custom woven gilt brocades. The most voluptuous midnight velvets are turned out into winged capes and cropped into ruffled cigarette trousers. Beautiful bias cut silk dresses with floaty peplums; skirts with soft swinging hems and bell-sleeved blouses display the prints of the season in elegant swathes. The Tribute gown is beaded and sequined from top to toe, arranged in a stunning cacophony of brimming champagne flutes, cherubs, tropical birds peeking through lush monster, musical scores and fireworks, aptly christened the Happy Hour Gown. Ending with a crescendo you are invited to bring your cocktails out onto the lawn to watch the grand finale where rainbows of texture and colour are all on display, feathers, fringing and fireworks go pop, bang, whiz… fashion pyrotechnics fit to rival any celebration. The magic is never lost when Romance Was Born and the whispering angels give communion unto us - their eternal secret is beauty, peace and love.

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