I Vote For The Trees

Romance Was Born are calling for your support to ‘see the forest for the trees’ by voting with the environment in mind at the upcoming Australian federal election.

We’re ecstatic to join forces with The Dirt Witches and artist Tom Polo to raise awareness for climate justice. Stand tall with us (and the trees!) by purchasing a limited edition exclusive I Vote For the Trees t-shirt inspired by the majestic power of trees and the crucial role they play in reducing the damaging effects of the climate crisis.

For this campaign, the Dirt Witches have reclaimed a batch of recycled t-shirts destined for landfill and transformed them into a wearable work of art featuring Tom Polo’s distinctive illustration, made exclusively for this project. 100% profits from all sales go directly towards supporting forest-protection groups across New South Wales through the Nature Conservation Council NSW.

Let’s branch together to take action on environmental justice today!


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