Seven Wonders

Seven Wonders

Collection 2 2018

This season Romance Was Born conjure up styles that draw upon the power and beauty of nature and the magic of the natural world. Seven Wonders is a collection inspired by the folklore of forest creatures, the herblore of wildflowers and the strong feminine energy of witches.

Once more Romance Was Born have been granted access to Del Kathryn Barton’s cache of stunning artworks. This time handpicking suitable totems and spirit animals from Barton’s works for their full magical potential; selecting the humble and striking grandeur of the ‘bad-ass’ ladybeetle, for protection against psychic attacks the elegant native quoll, a watchful guardian possum familiar, playful bunny rabbits, a clutch of wise birds and a fragrant tussie-mussie of symbolic wildflowers chosen as an attractive omen for prosperity and luck.

The hallmark of any Romance Was Born collection is their distinctive use of texture and hand detailing and these garments are given a full treatment of appliqué, beading, embroidery, crystal sprays and sequins in all manner of colours shapes and sizes. The goddess is in the detail. Seven Wonders drops in two stories, The Craft and Charmed, both ranges summon the innocence and sweet allure of the young initiate and the more austere beauty of the high priestess of the crystal coven at the peak of her power.

There is no need to be skyclad for this fashion ritual, Romance Was Born wish you to feel at your best when you come into your magical powers. Seven Wonders is an invocation of style laced with luck, woven with spells and blessed with the magic of their imagination. Vanquish negativity, ward off ill luck with these beautiful Romance Was Born talismans made to protect the wearer and manifest love light and destiny.

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