A Kiss Before Midnight

rwb x disney

A fairytale collection of twinkling stars, magic spells, the lost glass slipper and true love’s kiss.

This season RWB have special access to Disney’s 1950 animated classic, the magical love story, Cinderella. RWB transform the stunning original concept and scenic artworks from Cinderella into vibrant prints and embroidered patterns of their collection. These were created by legendary artist Mary Blair, a talented watercolorist and graphic designer in the Disney stable. Blair was handpicked by Walt Disney himself for her innate sense of colour and her distinctive modernist style. Romance Was Born use Blair’s pretty wishing-star bursts, plump horse drawn carriages, bold midnight garden blooms and filigree foliage. Twisting staircases, wand sparkles and chiming clock towers also enchant us. They translate into ornate embroidery and yardage patterns in a rainbow of colour ways shot with gold lurex.

Cinders the servant girl is represented by spliced panelled dresses, tops and skirts. The ornate floral embroidered linen and patchwork pieces hint at her never ending needle-work and mending. The magic of the Fairy Godmother bursts to life with a “bibbidy bobbidy boo” in a magnificent scenic collage of Cinderella at the ball, appearing on a silk gown and linen dresses. The mysterious glass slipper wearing princess comes to life as a floaty one-off blue silk gown, scattered with tiny delicate stars. A spell is cast by Romance Was Born in A Kiss Before Midnight, a collection fit for a princess or a princess fantasy!

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