Guest edit w/nusardel oshana

q&a with photos captured by samuel hodge
21 april 2021

nusardel oshana is an assyrian-australian digital designer, long time romance was born nerd and friend of samuel hodge. In his past life, as a waif-like 16-year-old fashion blogger, nus bypassed security and snuck into the cooee couture show at art gallery of new south wales where he took photos and got yelled at for being in the way- this was easily his highlight of 2015.

we thought it might be apt, to make amends for that fateful cooee couture show and re-visit some old and new pieces with our latest muse... so one quiet autumn sunday at RWB HQ, nus played dress ups. the shoot features past favourites from the fetching leggy galah to the beautiful new collaboration with artist glenn barkley. 

nus, you look fabby in the shoot, how would describe your style?

when I’m not prancing around the powerhouse in a patchwork dress-turned-poncho, I tend to keep things pretty basic. I guess that’s the great paradox of being a supermodel plucked from obscurity - even holly golightly never outgrew her humble roots.

props for sneaking into the cooee couture show! what was it about RWB that first attracted you to the label?

the scale of the shows! I think the berserkergang collection was the first I ever saw, but mushroom magic really blew my mind. even watching the shows through a computer screen, you could tell there was a story and the theatrics were matched by beautiful clothes. I can’t think of another australian label that has managed to consistently pull that off. I’m very excited to have just heard romance is returning to fashion week.

do you have a favourite RWB moment or outfit?

It’s a cliché but there are too many to choose from. maybe the patchwork dress nicki minaj wore to her perfume launch. our measurements aren’t the same so I wore it as a poncho but I’d like to think we now have something to talk about if we ever run into each other.

I also live for the feathered dress I got to wear from the step into paradise collection. It looks more disgruntled galah on me but I deeply enjoy that mental image.

what are you up to at the moment?

right now I’m helping plan a screening for a film my dad produced in the 80s called ‘our locked door’. It’s one of the first assyrian-language feature films and something I’m really proud of as an assyrian-australian creative.

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