guest edit w/ tanya hennessy

q&a with tanya hennessy images captured by tanja bruckner
30 january 2024

up next for our guest edit, is the most vivacious Tanya Hennessy. Tanya is best known to us for being completely fabulous in every way, but is also is a very talented writer, comedian and television presenter who works in Australia.

we recently spent some time together at her home discussing all things fashion, fame and family, but she has been so generous to take finger to keyboard for our latest romance story.

photographed by tanja bruckner.

tanya hennessy wears our pink posy smock dress

We love your style and your approach to fashion, you always seem to have an unusual twist to things which is so refreshing in Australia!!! Have you always been interested in fashion?

In used to be a dresser for musical theatre, opera and ballet. So, I love costumes, and clothes. I love the creativity and art of fashion. I am just obsessed by creative people and creative ideas, and fashion is such an expression. 

tanya at home wearing the allsorts sequin gown

You have been a RWB girl for some time now, what is about Romance Was Born you are drawn too?

Ahhhh …Well its art, its beautiful. It’s all cut and made so well, it lasts and lasts. But mainly… its different and always really fresh. I think I’m drawn to RWBs originality and uniqueness, it’s just so incredibly creative and different. It’s never like anything you’ve seen before. The designs and shilouettes are wearable and fantasy. Literally the imagination in the designs and cut is beyond anything in the market. I’m just obsessed. It’s like someone went into my dreams and made me clothes from my dreams! Seriously. I’m high key very obsessed.

tanya and butter poolside in our feel free cotton set

Luke grew up around the same area in Regional Australia as you, can you tell us a little story about where you grew up, what was it like as a creative growing up there?

Luke was about an hour from me, but newy is so FULL of creative people. I went to school with Rhys Nicholson. The city has a lot of creativity for a steel town. Its got a really thriving music and theatre scene. Which was amazing to be apart of as a kid. Apparently
the drag and comedy scene is really kicking of there too which is great.


tanya giving us gumnut baby, in collaboration with may gibbs

What do you find the most fulfilling about what you do? 

I think it is, seeing the impact of my ideas, seeing kids tell me they felt seen or heard by my kids book characters, or people experiencing some joy from my work is everything. Someone having a lasting feeling from your story is what we do it for. I think if you can make someone laugh and give them release/ relief than my work is done.

tanya steppin' out in our rainbow posy kaftan

And anything fabby on the radar we should keep our eye out for?

Welllllll… my kids book PINK SANTA just got sold into the USA. Which is really hard to do so im hyped and kinda shocked about that! Annnnd my junior fiction kids book Stevie Louise is in development to be an animated TV series! So that’s WILD.

rainbow tanya in our playdoh shirt dress in collaboration with paul yore

queen tanya in our "stronger together" cape in collaboration with paul yore

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