Petals On The Wind

Petals On The Wind

Fall/Winter '20

Romance Was Born spread a message of love and beauty by casting Petals on The Wind, the sequel to their Prefall collection Flowers in The Attic. This time they share a collection in praise of the power and poetry of nature, presenting an impressive study of flowers in all their delicate splendour. They evoke the many faces of the flower with sumptuous arrangements of florals in all manner of propagated patterns; forming curling wreaths, fecund festoons and petit posies. Romance Was Born cultivate soft sculptural petal shapes that embody the dichotomy of the flower.

Like the innocent joy of a child at play in the garden, busy making dainty daisy chains or plucking upturned flowers, imagining they are princesses in twirling ballgowns. Alternatively, they explore the dark allure of the flower’s seductive magnetism, enticing pollinators or trapping prey with their irresistible dramatic displays. Romance Was Born’s garden is a place of magic, home to the spirits of the flowers. These floral sprites are the cast of Petals on The Wind. Such as, the Petal Drop girls, whose whimsy in blush pink or handsome black is romantic in either shade due to their soft pleated ruffles, gathered furls and delicate curled hems which are offset nicely by their fitted column shapes. The prowess of the Poet’s Garden clan is evident from the striking dark green twill, whose woven structure holds their curved seed pod and bell forms with ease. The Beauty of Nature tribe share this twill structure but in glossy noir. Finally come, the Flower Princesses; White Daphne, Fuchsia Fantasy, Red Waratah and Black Dahlia whose abundant petal shapes and filigree lace-like detail give a super-size beauty to these epic blooms. Romance Was Born bring their flowers to fruition through various techniques and textiles such as laser cut paper taffeta, embroidery, hand beading and sequin work like that featured on the White Wedding Butterfly cape.

Theirs is an enchanted garden where you feel inspired and restored, where you can be your true self, free to express your creativity and flair through the beauty of flowers. Romance Was Born spread their message on a gentle breeze of love, peace, truth, hope and joy with Petals on The Wind.

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