Step Into Paradise

Step Into Paradise 

'Kinda Couture' 2018

Romance Was Born showcase their latest 'kinda couture' collection, Step into Paradise, during Paris Haute Couture for the very first time. This exclusive Romance Was Born Resort showcase of hand worked garments, Step into Paradise invites you to enter a world of visual splendour that sparkles with the beauty of nature.

A world inhabited by an exquisite empire of goddesses featuring every type of deity. Partnering with Jenny Kee for the second time on this collection Romance was Born drew on inspiration from Kee as an artist, while also honoring their broader creative community of artisans who they collaborate with and admire.

Presenting a glamourous parade of powerful nymphets and sprites who embody the true heart of Australia’s Ozotica. A godly creature emerges from the bush the environmental activist goddess, Wild About Wilderness who preaches for peace, love and rainforests forever. Her epic patchwork slogans work fashionably to save the world.

A softer approach is heralded by the entrance of the Heart of Scarves enchantress with her emblematic swathes, festooned ornately by a heart shaped breast plate which beats for the love of Australis. Another champion for antipodean style is the ultra-party-girl with her beaded fringe tassels that shimmy and shake in graphic glory cheering herself on for Ultimate Oz!

This celebratory air continues as we mark the gala like occasion with the grandiose hand beaded Bicentenary Dress, its intricate patterns trace and curve, expertly complimenting the form. A menagerie of inspiration issues forth; from the frothy feathered Flammin’ Galah showgirl resplendent in her dusty pink and soft grey plumage, to the floor length Rainbow Lorikeet patchwork dress. Who could forget the cuddly woollen, crystal and applique accented koala knit sweater or the dip dyed lace Cockatoo Bride gown whose petticoats feature antique handkerchiefs. The humble tea towel is elevated beyond the suburban kitchen, patchworked in a meticulous tessellation and then finished with an overlay of buttery wattle sprays. The queen of all native flowers is the dramatic crimson Waratah, she is styled in a striking structured strut-worthy trench. Each outfit is elegantly topped off with bejewelled birdy cloches, koala ears and soft feathered wigs.

With Step into Paradise, Romance Was Born has the pleasure in working with Australian icon and influencer, trailblazer Jenny Kee. The name of this collection echoes the sign on the door of Kee’s flamboyant Sydney based frock shop, Flamingo Park. Accessing Kee’s extensive archive, Romance Was Born pay homage to her work and her effervescent character that boldly carved a place for Australian fashion with an international audience. Referencing Jenny Kee’s originals with a deft sensitivity that only a true friend could employ. Once again, this rich narrative allows for the full expression of their unique spirit of “head-to-toe” dressing, featuring the handiwork of artisans from across the globe. Step into Paradise heroes hand-worked skill, bursting with vibrant colour and intricate textures of fabrication; including original fabric salvages from Jenny Kee’s personal vintage collection, through to delicate embroideries and appliques made in-house at the Romance Was Born headquarters. Including the birdy cloches created by wizard artist Técha Noble. Additional pieces are patchworked from and knitted by independent craftspeople from the UK, Australia and America, each known and sourced for their unique and contemporary take on these traditional techniques.

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