the nothing

the nothing

resort 25

romance was born are inspired by the incredible and provocative art of paul yore, whose decorative collage assemblages feature making techniques that cross-over with their own processes, but yore boldly tags his with slogans and politically loaded tableaux mixed with trashy pop references. 

stronger together features all the fabulous hallmarks of a romance was born collection seamlessly combined with yore’s art and aesthetic. seeing the creation of garments that embody yore’s slogans in a series of gowns called; ‘dreams can come true.” “nothing to see here.” “i’m not sorry.” “the truth in out there.” signature rwb techniques include, beautiful handworked details that feature intricate beading and sequin work, appliqué, and upcycled vintage pieces like crochet blankets, military uniforms and pretty floral silk quilts. these elements unite fiercely to combine in delicate balance on hand painted gowns and exquisite one off pieces. stronger together is a celebration of life, loving who you want and feeling what you feel. 

paul yore is represented by station gallery.

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