done zone

resort 23

Romance Was Born invite you to jazz-it-up and dive deep into the "Done Zone”. A collection inspired by the richness of Ken Done’s bold and beautiful paintings. RWB delve into their imagination to bring to life the carefree spirit of Done’s iconic art, personifying his paintings as a bevy of muses each unique in character and hot-to-trot. RWB invite you to take it from the desk to the dance floor; think party at Lassiter’s Hotel Erinsborough, spiked with the humour of Murielle's Wedding… holiday on Hibiscus Island anyone?

The initial splash of inspiration for the collection came from Ken Done’s reef paintings, sprinkled with the effervescent flavour and spunky attitude of his iconic clothing line, produced in partnership wife Judy Done. In addition to Ken, RWB work with Studio A’s resident artisan, weaver extraordinaire Adam Mandarano.

Who has woven bespoke rainbow tweeds,fashioned entirely from vintage wool, shredded silk saris and re purposed dead stock ribbons. Look out for an exquisite suit, hand painted by Ken Done himself!

Sparkly regenerated vintage pieces, as well as beaded sequinned gowns, loving hand worked by RWB's long-term family run atelier in Kolkata supporting the work and exisiting craft of local artisans.

In addition to the fabulousness of the frocks, RWB have employed the mad skills of Sydney artist Rosie Deacon to create a watery disco grotto.

Done Zone is a complete celebration of the spirit and beauty of Ken Done’s art, crafted in honour of his iconic contribution to the Australian cultural landscape. “Hey Tania, Janine, Nicole and Cheryl! Come over here and enter Romance Was Born’s Done Zone!” let's get MAD!

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