featured artist / Glenn Barkley

interview and filming by Motel Picture Company
16 april 2021

artist glenn barkley finds inspiration in living. from the day-to-day, like cruisin‘ down an internet hole or the simple joy of gardening. to pondering poetry’s acute philosophy, history, the history of ceramics, indiana jones and archeology.

it’s clear glenn draws on many forms of inspiration and shares romance was born’s love of making and a “more is more is more“ aesthetic. his show the urn of bitter prophecy opens this week at sullivan + strumpf.

watch the video to hear more of glenn’s thoughts on his work and the collaboration with RWB!  

interview with glenn barkley filmed and produced by motel picture company

photos captured by kitty callaghan at sullivan and strumpf

louise wearing the glenn collage linen shirt and pants

jason representing rwb x glenn barkey atat sullivan and strumpf

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collab w/ glenn barkley