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petals on the wind film collaboration with kalliope pictures
16 may 2021

the talented team at kalliope pictures have produced an exquisite film featuring our petals on the wind range. made soon after relocating to tasmania after a long stint making films in the U.S.

the film was their way to reconnect with australia, with a beautiful new baby in tow, keep grounded in making and establish a new family of creatives back home.

filmed and produced by kalliope pictures

director michael hili has long felt an affinity with romance was born, inspired by anna and luke’s ability to explore the possibilities of craft and play in fashion. he describes the petals on the wind collection and the film as: “a complex and vulnerable response to the beauty of flowers. at one moment dancing with hazy ethereal beauty before shapeshifting into nocturnal rituals, potentially poisonous and deeply secretive. I wanted to make a film that felt like a curious kid looking in on that world. speculative and impressionistic, stitched together from memory.”


Director: Mick Hili

D.P: Joshua LaMont

1st AC: Leuke Marriot

Gaffer: Richard Williams

Stylist: Donna Phibbs

H&MU: Beth Haywood

Jewellery: Emma Homfray


Score written and performed by: Kirin J Callinan & Dave Eltich

Dave recorded by and score mixed by:Luke Adams

Kirrin recorded by: George Nicholas

Cast: Stephanie Jack, Pirrin Francis, Elisabeth & Maggie Whiltshire

Shot on locations in Tasmania in the beautiful gardens of Marian Whiltshire & Sally Johannsohn

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featured artist/ Kalliope pictures