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q&a with ione skye images captured by her daughter goldie
20th september 2021

ione in the simple life patchwork dress - small

raven haired beauty, ione skye lives a creative life as an actor, painter, writer and filmmaker. ione is a free spirit who exudes warmth, honesty and fun.

we think she is a stylish mega babe to say the least!

ione in the bridesmaid frill cape - blue

growing up did you have anyone whose style you loved?

i loved farrah fawcett’s feathered hair. I liked long prairie dresses - maybe holly hobbie was someone I loved and maybe because of little house on the prairie. as a kid and teen I loved movie stars who wore 1950's negligee nightgown’s. so, i loved 1950’s movie stars like shirley macLaine and doris day’s straight forward hollywood styled looks. fluffy heels, high movie star glamor and hats with black veils. i adored cinderella’s dress for the ball and disco tube tops. i grew up in the 1970’s and 1980’s so puffed sleeves and pointed flat shoes were very 1980’s and renaissance looks were “in" for some of the 1970’s.  

ione in the scenic smock dress

you seem to have always have been creative. how important is creativity in your life? does it always need an outlet?

i was always creative yes. i drew and wrote, day dreamed, read, danced and sang my entire childhood before school work and sports. i think whatever your outlet is its important to remember to do it. i forget now that i’m an adult and i must let myself have the space to get into that type of thinking and creating. 

ione in the love tiered dress/ black tie dye

we love romance (of course!) and weddings, can you tell us about your wedding dress?

my first wedding dress was 1911 lace empire waist, and vintage which I have been into for as long as i understood what clothes were. my second wedding to ben lee was in India. we were going to India every year in those days and had a western? eastern wedding. white isn’t the norm. my saree was green and gold. red or green are the normal colors in India for a wedding. 

ione in the rainbow crochet stripe sweater

being a mum, is there something you hope your kids learn from you, or a lesson they take from your life?

being kind to yourself. i hope they stay connected to people that help and love them. not being hard on themselves and engaging in life. i hope they can have a light touch and a be brave as well.

ione skye in the rainbow splice cape

what do you love/ hate about fashion?

i love fashion. i find it so exciting. the fashion industry is treating models better these days i hope, which is good. as long as the industry goes in an ethical direction - i have no complaints with fashion. i think its as good as any art. 

ione in the humble pie patchwork sweater and trackies

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