guest edit w/ lilly luhrmann

q&a with lilly luhrmann images captured by ellen virgona
16th august 2022

lilly lounging in our bush magic gown

the allure of lilly luhrmann 

imagine growing up in a creative household surrounded by exquisite fashion and iconic cinema… well lilly luhrmann did! we caught up with her while she was back in Oz and asked her to pull an edit of her rwb favourite pieces. lilly exudes easy carefree style! what a cool gal! she’s a modern ingénue mixed with old world glamour and a total cutie babe to boot! we love you lilly!

lilly wears the lemon meringue cherry blossom bridesmaid ouftfit

What do you love most about Australia?

Simply put, I just love Australia. As someone with the privilege to live and experience many different places, mainly living in New York for ten years. Australia has always remained an integral part of my identity. Although I have always been proud of my Ausy background, moving back has been life altering for me and my connection to my land and culture. I often felt growing up that I was as a foreigner and that my “Australianisms” were perceived as silly and a bit crass. Now that I am older and much less insecure, these mannerisms are what I am most proud of and display boldly and authentically. Lastly, I could not talk about my love for Australia without bringing up the lifestyle! I feel absolutely inspired by the eco-diversity and richness of the nature that I wake up to everyday. This is obviously

lilly wears the sea urchin metallic pleat dress

We know you love May Gibbs as much as we do! We spied a little tattoo peeking out of a dress on the shoot that looked familiar… Can you tell us about those?

Yes, I have two May Gibbs tattoos on the backs of my arms. Each part has quite detailed meaning. May Gibbs’ designs were the perfect mechanism to incorporate meanings from my childhood, my identity, and my family into two gorgeous tattoos. Getting tattoos has always been a dream of mine. I was incredibly lucky to work with a local female artist, Cinnamona at Black Market Nobbys, to collaborate on such a beautiful piece.

Lily wears the opium lace gown from the archives

We heard you have been borrowing your mum’s RWB since you were little… can you remember an early rwb piece that you loved to wear?

Growing up mum would receive an RWB catalogue every season. It was a joyous moment, flicking through the pages being mesmerised by the colours and details. RWB was my first ever true fashion love. Although “sharing clothing” is frequent between me and my mother, there is one thing from RWB that holds incredible significance.... Mum bought me a beautiful psychedelic, bright pink, denim, poncho coat. It was the pinnacle of cool, and it still is. Beyond its aesthetic exquisiteness, the jacket has been washed hundreds of times, worn, thrashed about, and still looks identical to the day I bought it. So, for someone like me, who is really trying to be a more conscious consumer, it has proven RWB make pieces that stand the test of time.

lilly wears the bluebell sequin frock from rwb forever

What was it like growing with with Baz and CM, are there any funny or annoying stories from having super creative parents?

I am incredibly lucky to have amazing and talented parents. They both keep things exiting and humorous. A few days ago, dad was having trouble eating using his chopsticks and he couldn’t figure out why? It turns out the chopsticks happened to be paper straws?! And mum may have thrown (accidently) a large suitcase down and entire escalator in front of a large crowd two days ago!

lilly wears the lara merrett tier gown with the sequin parrot jacket

Thanks Lilly! xxx

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